Some Favorite Interactive Sites:


Class Quiz Sites:




Function Carnival by Desmos


Interactive lessons for Geometry, Metric, ect.


National Virtual Manipulatives




Internet 4 Classrooms K-8 grades


Basic Skills Practice 


free flash cards up to 8 classes: Quizlet 


Shodor Interactive



Utah Interactives


Math Warehouse


Johnnie's Math Page

Over 1000 Math activities! 


Free Educational Games K-5


Activities aligned to the Common Core!


Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, University of Illinois (Interactive and lessons)


Skillwise from BBC






Middle School Portal - Math Pathway

MSP2 is a project of the Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology, School of Teaching and Learning, National Middle School Association, and Education Development Center, Inc., and is funded by the National Science Foundation. The partners integrate resources, tools, and services across projects, and support multiple methods of resource discovery to meet the needs of this audience.  This site includes both interactive links and lesson links. 


Math Tools

multiple free resources for teachers such as virtual manipulatives, hundreds charts, arrow cards, adjustable fractions rulers, dots cards, coins, etc.


Graphing Calculators


Microsoft has released a new scientific calculator that you can download for free (Windows only). Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 is a graphing calculator that plots in 2D and 3D. Of course, the calculator does many other functions such as solving inequalities, converting units of measure, and performing matrix and vector operations.


Desmos offers a fully functional, browser-based  graphing calculator.


Encalc is a free online scientific calculator. Encalc describes itself on its homepage as follows, "Encalc is an online scientific calculator. Its strength lies in its ability handle units and dimensional analysis, to define variables and its large database of constants. Parenthesis and scientific formulas are also supported."


Online Free Software


College Graphs - free graphing software


Geogebra - free Interactive graphics, algebra and spreadsheet for Geometry and Algebra - much like Geometer's Sketchpad


Demonstrations that can be used in your lessons

Wolfram Demonstrations

var demoObj = new DEMOEMBED();"FindASolidThatMatchesTheNet", "", "523", "453");

Find a Solid that Matches the Net from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project by Izidor Hafner


Video Lessons from TED


More Video 


Free Apps


Learning without boundaries from Virginia Department of Education